Welcome to the CTG Clean Blog

Hi, I’m John Fuchs and I’ve been asked by CTG to come back from the depths of retirement to host the NEW CTG Clean Blog.  Many of you know me as the “slinky guy” or just “guru.”  In over 40 years working with hundreds of users and a variety of industrial cleaning technologies I’ve accumulated a lot of useful knowledge that for one reason or another I have stored in my attic-like brain.  So I guess this blog offers an ongoing opportunity to do a little house cleaning if nothing else.

A lot of what will be offered here in bite-sized pieces is not really new.  A lot would be considered common sense.  Some may be quite boring while some may be revolutionary.  But, overall, the goal is to share as simply and concisely as possible what I know about parts cleaning with the new generation of people who need to know what they are doing and why to be successful.

If you feel that what I say is inaccurate and requires revision or updating that you let me know by way of direct comments or in the forum section of the blog.  If you think of specific questions that can’t wait for answers, let me know that as well so that I can address them in a timely manner.  Along the way, I hope to learn as well as educate to keep industrial cleaning technology current and alive.

My goal is to keep the blog as non-commercial as possible by sticking, as I always have, to the fundamentals of the technology.  Being familiar with the technology will allow users to engage in meaningful discussions with suppliers to specify equipment best suited to the tasks at hand.

OK, so that’s it!  I’m glad to be here and look forward to having some fun.  I hope you come back often and enjoy the ride with me!


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