Ultrasonics – Hearing

Of the five senses, hearing would probably rank #2 in importance to most people with sight being the most important.  I, personally, rank hearing as #1 in importance for me although I won’t get into the details of why that is so.  I’ve been exposed to ultrasonic sources for my entire working life and, over the years, have tried to stay informed concerning what effect exposure to ultrasound might have on hearing as well as other possible physiological effects.  As a manufacturer of equipment that uses ultrasound to perform cleaning tasks, the Cleaning Technologies Group, and Blackstone-NEY Ultrasonics in particular, are often questioned about the effects of ultrasound.  Below is a link to an article which is intended to summarize the effects of ultrasound on human physiology as we understand them today.  It includes pertinent references to OSHA douments that address the effects of exposure to ultrasonic energy.

Ultrasonics and Hearing

I can personally attest that my hearing is still within the norm for my age after over40 years exposure to airborne ultrasound.  I no longer worry about the short or long term exposure to airborne ultrasonic energy.  An “EXTREME” audio system in a car or long term exposure to a rock band, however, is another story all together.

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