Cavitation Bubble Implosion Video!

After God knows how many years of looking at that one image of a cavitation bubble presented endlessly with different color variations etc. to “freshen it up” there has emerged some exciting new footage of actual cavitation bubble implosion!  Now, as a start, I don’t think these bubbles, at least the first ones, are the result of ultrasonic activity.  The video indicates that the bubbles were created by a “focused laser impulse in the vicinity of a free surface.”  I’m not sure if a bubble is a bubble is a bubble like a rose is a rose is a rose but, let’s just say for now that it is.  The videos are pretty striking in any event.  Check this out –

Bubble Collapse

What we see here are the components that make imploding cavitation bubbles useful in the enhancement of cleaning.  Notably, the intense energy “jet” that is created as the bubble collapses and the general liquid motion toward the free surface in the vicinity of the collapse.  Frankly, I am going to have to let these images sink in before making any further comments but thought they were significant and interesting enough that I should share.  They are, by the way, freely available on the internet.

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  • I am working on a project using a device with a configuration of multiple compressed air jets to lift and transfer water from a holding tank through a vertical clear acrylic tube. I have noticed that on startup, a bubble appears, followed by regular ‘pulsing’ of water up the tube; is this the same as or similar to cavitational bubbling? NB: I have a video of the effect is helps?

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