What Is It?

It was in 1962 during my junior year in high school when my chemistry teacher, Mr. McBain, described an unusual phenomenon related to a specific element.  At the time, I think it was more intended as a test question to see who had studied their notes.     I recently witnessed this phenomenon for the first time in my life.  I knew what it was immediately.  Let’s see how many of you were paying attention in high school chemistry class.





Or maybe you’ve seen it or been “stung” by it.  There are many historical accounts blaming this phenomenon for significant events including the failure of an attempt to reach the South Pole and Napoleon’s loss of a significant battle.  Any ideas?  Drop me a note in the “comment” section below or email me directly at jfuchs@ctgclean.com.  I’m sorry there’s no “prize” other than the fact that I will name the winners and follow up with “the rest of the story” in an upcoming blog.  Meanwhile, some pretty cool pictures, no?  Wait ’til you see the closeups!

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